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Avalo: Mariano Alvarez

Avalo: Mariano Alvarez

🤖Machine Learning, 🍅 Ketchup, 🌱Resilient Agriculture and ☕More

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Avalo: Mariano Alvarez

🤖Machine Learning, 🍅 Ketchup, 🌱Resilient Agriculture and ☕More

Today, we’re charging up with a cup of coffee as we sit down with Mariano Alvarez, co-founder and CSO of Avalo

From the future of ketchup, to our everyday dinner tables, Avalo is revolutionizing the agricultural industry through AI and climate-resilient seeds. Mariano shares his path from Duke to Avalo, and how a company formed over beers has expanded throughout the small but mighty start-up community in Durham, North Carolina. Come along for the journey for our very first Climate Tech Coffee episode as Mariano guides us through the future of sustainable food systems. 

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📝  Show Notes Below👇

🎧 New podcast episode:

"We're addressing the challenges of agriculture and climate change by making the food system more resilient."  - Mariano Alvarez, CSO of Avalo 

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Companies/Startups mentioned during the show:

🌱 Avalo

🍅 Heinz

🌱 IndieBio

💡 Commonwealth Fusion Systems

💡 Air Company


💡Better Ventures

💡Giant Ventures

🌱At One Ventures

🌱Alexandria Real Estate 

🌱 Monsanto

People/places/things mentioned during the show:

🧑‍💻Ryan Bethencourt

🧑‍💻Po Bronson 

🧑‍💻Parikshit Sharma

🧑‍💻Bob Mumgaard

🧑‍💻Brendan Collins

🧑‍💻Tom Chi

🧑‍💻Laurie Menoud

🏫Duke University

📍Durham, North Carolina

📍San Francisco

📍The Triangle

📍Fayetteville, NC





[00.00] Intro 

[01:04] Meet Mariano 

[02:04] Coffee Talk: What's in Your Cup?

[05:41] Ketchup Talk - Heinz or Hunts? 

[08:13] The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture

[12:01] Climate Resilient Crop Development

[15:06] Plant Forecasts with AI 

[16:01] From Academia to Startup

[17:27] Forming startups over beers

[21:04] Market outlook 

[23:57] The Seed Business 

[28:12] The Future of Rice Cultivation 

[32:04] Fundraising and Hiring 

[35:46] Outro

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