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Antonio Baclig: Inlyte Energy

Antonio Baclig: Inlyte Energy

🔋Energy Storage💡Nerd Nite ♻️Sustainable Energy and ✨ More

Fellow Climate Warriors, welcome to another episode of Climate Tech Coffee—the shorter, usually sober version of Climate Tech Cocktails.

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Antonio Baclig, Founder and CEO at Inlyte Energy, joins Matt for a jolt of caffeine and a highly charged conversation about powering the future. Using two abundant and inexpensive materials, salt and iron, Antonio and his team are shaking up the energy sector with some novel grid-scale storage solutions. Today, Antonio and Matt dig into Inlyte Energy’s electrifying journey, their crafty business moves, and precisely how they’re redefining the grid storage game.

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“It's an amazing, crazy story, and if we become successful, like wildly successful, I hope someone makes a movie about this.”

Antonio Baclig, Founder and CEO at Inlyte Energy

Enjoy the show! 

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Companies/Startups mentioned during the show:

🔋Inlyte Energy

💡At One Ventures 

💡Valo Ventures

💡Beta Research

🚜Monarch Tractor

🔋XGS Energy

🌱Umaro Foods

♻️C12 Energy, LLC

🔋KoBold Metals

🔋Form Energy 

People/places/things mentioned during the show:

🧑‍💻Antonio Baclig

🧑‍💻Henk Rogers

🧑‍💻Roger Bull

🧑‍💻Kurt House

🧑‍💻Austin Sendek

🧑‍💻Yi Cui

🧑‍💻Will Chueh

🧑‍💻Amanda Stiles

🧑‍💻Katie Sharp

🧑‍💻Calvin Cupini

🧑‍💻Mateo Jaramillo

🧑‍💻Dilip Goswami


📍Bay Area


📍Golden Gate Park

📍San Francisco

📍United Kingdom




🍵Tea Ceremony

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Onesie

🀧 Tarot Cards

📚San Francisco Public Library

🔋Sodium-Metal Halide Batteries

🚜Electric Tractors

🔋Geothermal Energy

💡Nerd Nite San Francisco

💡ARPA-E Summit

🏟️Meow Wolf

💡The Activate Fellowship

📜Don't Hesitate

📖Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change

📖A Cubic Mile of Oil: Realities and Options for Averting the Looming Global Energy Crisis

📖Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values


[0:00] Intro

[1:45] Antonio’s board meetings

[2:49] Nerd Nite San Francisco

[6:14] Thesis defenses

[10:33] Antonio’s childhood

[13:08] The journey to his current work

[23:27] Deftones concert invitation

[24:18] Antonio’s focus on sodium

[28:04] Transforming sodium metal halide batteries

[29:47] The Activate Program

[32:18] Leapfrogging his business 

[35:37] Sharing news of his business acquisition with Activate 

[37:00] Inlyte’s present status and future plans

[39:47] Applications for Inlyte and Form Energy products

[41:35] Antonio’s 3 impactful books

[43:17] 3 startups he loves

[46:51] Outro

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