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Halo Car: Anand Nandakumar

Halo Car: Anand Nandakumar

Autonomous Vehicles 🚗Vegas 🌟and More⚡

Fellow Climate Warriors, welcome to another episode of Climate Tech Coffeethe shorter, usually sober version of Climate Tech Cocktails.

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Join us as we sit down with Founder and CEO of Halo Car, Anand Nandakumar

Anand shares his journey from India to Las Vegas, and from autonomous vehicles at Uber to launching the first remote pilot EV Halo Car.  An affordable, climate-friendly way to get around, Halo Car is transforming the way we think about car ownership. Grab your favorite form of caffeine, and hop on board to hear the exciting future of EVs the Halo Car team is bringing to life. 

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“Economies of scale, massive fleets that are closely positioned inside city centers and density areas where people push a button, [and a] car's just there within a couple of minutes”  - Anand Nandakumar, Founder and CEO of Halo Car 

Enjoy the show! 

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Companies/Startups mentioned during the show:

🚗Halo Car



AtOne Ventures








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📍Las Vegas

📍Silicon Valley







[00:00] Intro

[01:10] Meet Anand 

[03:11] Anand's Background and Journey to Halo Car

[09:29] Decarbonizing Transportation (Soul Searching?) 

[11:14] Car Ownership: A Parking Problem 

[13:01] The Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles 

[16:37] Prediction Edge Cases

[18:12] The EV Infrastructure Problem

[21:33] Fleet Operators 

[22:29] Remote Pilots 

[29:01] The Future of Halo Car and Autonomous Vehicles

[33:47] Outro

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