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SCiFi Foods: Joshua March and Kasia Gora

SCiFi Foods: Joshua March and Kasia Gora

🍔Food innovation 📈Marketing 🍫Sugar and ✨ More

Fellow Climate Warriors, welcome to another episode of Climate Tech Coffee—the shorter, usually sober version of Climate Tech Cocktails.

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Matt fuels up on his first ever cultivated meat burger while touring the SCiFi Foods headquarters with its co-founders Joshua March and Kasia Gora today. Creating real meat from cells rather than animals, SCiFi Foods is at the very forefront of cultivated meat technology, and they share the secrets to their success in this fascinating episode. An avid supporter of their innovative work, Matt can’t wait to share this unique experience with you all, so sit back, grab your caffeinated beverage of choice, and buckle up for today’s journey into the future of food.

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🎧 New podcast episode:

“We're working towards getting products in consumers’ hands that are going to make people's lives great. It's really exciting.”

- SCiFi Foods Co-founder & CTO Kasia Gora

Enjoy the show! 

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Companies/Startups mentioned during the show:

🍔SCiFi Foods


🍔GOOD Meat

🍔Beyond Meat

💡CTC Fund I

People/places/things mentioned during the show:

🧑‍💻Joshua March

🧑‍💻Kasia Gora

🧑‍💻Jeff Sheasley


📍San Leandro






📍San Francisco

🥤Diet Coke



🍸Topo Chico







💡AMPS Innovation

📜Inflation Reduction Act

Republican Party


🍫Kit Kats

🍫3 Musketeers

🫘Peter Pan Peanut Butter

📖Tim Ferriss' The 4-Hour Body


[0:00] Intro

[1:16] Making SCiFi Foods burgers 

[4:31] How much does it cost?

[4:57] Getting their pilot up and running

[5:50] Bringing cultivated meat to market

[8:52] SCiFi meat in restaurants

[12:09] Becoming a $1 burger

[15:32] CapEx challenges and lobbying efforts

[18:36] Matt’s feelings post-burger

[19:05] Sugar intake

[21:10] Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Body 

[22:18] Marketing points

[24:50] SCiFi’s future plans

[25:50] Outro

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